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The Brain Yoga Headband

The Brain Yoga Headband

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Product Description
The Brainlink Lite Headband uses a more comfortable and easy-to-wear design. With the soft leather headband, it fits with bigger range of headsizes. The BrainLink Lite is especially designed to fit end users such as gamers and meditators. For research purposes, please select a different model. In Comparision to the BrainLink Headset, the Headband has 3 forehead electrodes, no earclip, no EmoLight/smart light. 
· Meditation and Pressure Relief: Research has shown that deep meditation can alter one’s brainwave frequency (the Alpha wave), and reduce pressure hormone (Cortisol) associated with insomnia, high blood pressure, and obesity. However, without the helps of neuro-feedback, meditators have on idea how much Alpha wave was produced during their meditation. Now, BrainLink let you visualize your brainwave in realtime and give you an accurate and scientific report to keep track of the meditation progress.
· Play Games using your Mind: BrainLink provides numbers of brain training apps and games downloadable for free on App Stores. These apps not only have the same effect as the professional brain focus enhancement tools, but also more fun to play with, especially with friends and family. With the help of BrainLink, you can raise the awareness of healthy brainwave among your social networks.
· Parental Controls: The in-app Parental Control Panel includes: Game time schedule setting: help children balance time between study and rest. Password setting: Give you full control of child’s gaming time. A cloud brainwave database: Ranking of the brainwave score of children by the same age.
Focus Training with Brainwave Reports: Neurofeedback has been widely used in fields of athlete training and ADHD treatments. It is proven that it help enhance the psycho performance and improvement on the concentration of ADHD child. However, these equipments are usually expensive and unreachable by public. Today, we bring you BrainLink, an affordable, portable, and user-friendly brainwave sensing headset. You can easily connect it with smart-phones or tablets wirelessly, and interact with various fun brain training apps and games anywhere anytime. Most of the apps provide easy-to-understand brainwave data reports and feedback on your performance.
Control with Mind, How?
Telekinesis is no longer a fictional story. Macrotellect’s series of mind control games and apps providing authentic and magical neuro-gaming experience that never been seen before. Its user-friendly interaction is direct and easy-to-learn. Player uses their focus or meditation to control characters in game to run, jump, or even fly. Higher score is rewarded when focus/meditation is high enough so that players are encouraged to train up their brains in game.
State-of-the-art Sensor Technology
Our core value is “brainwave technology for everyone”. In the old days, brainwave sensors are highly expansive, bulky, and inconvenient for wearing. It only used in hospital and labs. Now with the enhancement of dry sensors, MEMS, and ASIC technology, we are able to shrink down the size and lower the cost of a brainwave sensor. More importantly, with the helps of industrial design, popularization of smart-phone apps and wearable devices, we are making it more accessible and user-friendly. It opened up the tremendous opportunity of promoting brainwave technology into the consumer market.
Decoding the Mind
In early 1920s, the first human brainwave diagram (EEG) was recorded. Since than, neuroscientists have spend enormous of effort decoding the different frequencies of brainwave. As today, exacting outcome of these researches show that there are at least 6 brainwave pattens related to different states of a human mind. For example, when we are focus, our brain produce Beta wave (13-30 hertz). When we are in deep meditation, our brain produce Alpha wave (8-13hertz). These research outcomes are the foundation of BrainLink’s algorithm technology. It is how BrainLink can read and understand the status of your brain, and help you master the ability of concentration and meditation.
Designed with Fun
Creativity is the key in our industry. How to make the app beneficential and fun at the same time? A creativity centric team with artists, engineers, and game designers is essential. This is the core component of our team. Our goal is to make brainwave gaming meaningful and entertaining, so that it can be accepted by the public.

Data Collection

· TGAM Chipset
· RAW+eSense data
· Baud rate: 57600
· Socket: UART RS232
· 3x Dry electrodes
· 3x Forehead electrodes: EEG, GND, REF
· No earclip electrode


· Bluetooth EBR
· Range: 10M
· Platform: iOS/Android/Windows/MAC OS

Battery & Charging

· Lithium 3.7V 160mAH
· Standby: 7-8 hours
· Connected: 4-5 hours
· Input: 5VDC/500mADC-1000mADC
· USB powered (non-standard)
· Charging time: 1.5 hours
· Low power checking: buzzer feedback


· Bluetooth SIG
· UL Battery
· Apple Made for iphone (MFi)
· PCT patent/ Copyright trademark

Dimension and Weight

· Size: headband 730mm
· Weight (g): 30
· Color: Dark grey, black, white, blue
· Material: PC/ABS/Leather/Copper
· Package Size: L148 x W92 x H60

Inside the package:

· BrainLink core module
· Electrodes adapter (removeable)
· Leather headband
· USB charging cable
User manual/Quick Start Guide/Warranty

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