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Over 1000 trending and classic vaping products to meet your needs.

The Magic of SinoB2B

We are so excited to boost your business with our 10-year expertise in this industry.

High Profit Margin

All the registered vaping product suppliers on SinoB2B is eligible to enjoy Export Tax Rebate, which means more competitive wholesale price and lower cost to buyers.

Safe Transactions

Only when PO info, shipping info, cargo receipt and custom declaration info are 100% accurately matched will we finally release the payment to the suppliers.

Efficient Procurement

We have been partnering with major banks, courier providers and customs for many years and digitized every single step. You can always procure efficiently and happily on SinoB2B.

What Gives Us Confidence?

Trustworthy Platform

SinoB2B is owned by Globex E-Services (HK) Limited and is a member company of China Merchants Group which is No.1 state-owned company in China.

500+ Famous Brands

We have served over 500 famous overseas brands for their procurement business in China with our 10-year experience in digital supply chain industry.

20000+ B2B Orders/Day

Handling over 5000 square metre warehouses in free trade zone, we are able to deal with over 2000+ wholesale orders per day, which is quite an impressive number in B2B industry.


With an annual $20 million dollar devotion to technology development, we have a powerful IT team to serve both buyers and suppliers very well and to continuously improve everything.

Worldwide Partners

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SinoB2B is a powerful international electronic cigarettes supply chain service platform. To procure from this site, one must have a company registered outside of mainland China.

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