Procurement Part
SinoB2B connects some of the best manufacturers and International buyers by offering easy, safe and comprehensive with the power of IT.

Sign Up

1. Provide your name, company, email and mobile phone

2. Activate through email

3. Login and upload your business license


1. Start search your wanted products and suppliers

2. Contact supplier via SinoB2B message tool for more details like stock, price and quantity

3. You can also contact customer support for product inquiry

Initiate & Confirm PO

1. Add your wanted products to cart.

2. Select products and add your Buyer Sku.

3. Choose yes or no on Quality Inspection and Relabeling (If yes, we will charge service fee).

4. Supplier confirms the PO. The quantity might change in this step.

5. Invoice is automatically generated.


1.Download the invoice to proceed payment.

2.Select a payment method and download the remittance advice.

3.Finish the bank transfer. (Remember to cover bank charges and mark your PO ID)

4.e-Contract is automatically generated.

Note: Once the e-Contract is generated, both parties take the responsibilities to follow all the Transaction Rules of This e-Contract also acts as an official evidence for any possible disputes that may happen in the future.

Receive Cargo

1. SinoB2B receives the payment.

2. SinoB2B staff conducts, if any, Quality Inspection and Relabeling on behalf of the buyer.

3. SinoB2B staff receive cargo on behalf of the buyer.

4. SinoB2B releases the money to the supplier.

5. All the purchased goods are ready to ship.

Shipment Part
SinoB2B provides shipping service for both B2B wholesale and dropshipping. To make things easier and faster, buyers need to top up first for shipping fee payment. How to top up

B2B Shipment

1. Create a shipping order (SO).

2. Select to-be-shipped products and quantity.

3. Change the declared value in your country (optional).

4. Select a shipping address or add a new one.

5. Select the destination country and shipping method.

6. Confirm and auto-pay the freight. (You must top up first)

7. SinoB2B staff finishes the shipment and updates the inventory.

Note: We support air, sea and express delivery like DHL, UPS and so on. Please make sure you have read our Service Fee in advance, you can also try Freight Calculation first.


1. Batch add your dropshipping orders via excel.

2. Select draft orders and auto pay the freight. (You must top up first )

3. SinoB2B staff pack every order and arrange the shipment.

4. Package is delivered to each consumer’s doorstep.

5. SinoB2B updates the inventory for the buyer.

Note: Please add your merchant order ID in the excel. e.g. Your own online store order number.

Dropshipping orders we support for now